We analyze, research and develop user experience and interface along with UX implementation.


Understanding business goals

Our discovery stage kicks-off with understanding business objectives followed by deep dive into what is being built, why and for whom? Discovery stage holds true even when we are offering mobile application design services. Our benchmarking techniques followed by defining business priorities sets the foundation for design approach and strategy.


User stories and key features

Our user experience design services also aim at understanding customer behavior, attitudes, motivations, and pain-points are building blocks for any digital`solution. We follow analytical approach, to build user personas and their touch-points. This helps us to make confident design decisions.


User stories and key features

To bring the user stories to life, we sketch a few key screens and interactions of the application. This helps all stakeholders to get a clear picture of how the the stories will be transferred into a visual interface for users, as well as a showcase of what our design process entails.


Architecture and Tech Stack

It is essential to choose a technology stack that will give the product the best balance between speed and cost of development and long term suitability.


Essential Estimation

Even though we are Scrum evangelists, we totally understand the need to work around deadlines and financial constraints. Our years of experience in diverse angles of software development allow us to convert the user stories and wireframes into a suggested product roadmap and suggested budget as a tool to measure the return on your investment.

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cloud apps

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product development

Disruptive and custom solutions for startups and large scale companies.

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web solutions

We provide configuration, integration and custom development for E-commerce, CRM & CMS.

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We analyze, research and develop user experience and interface along with UX implementation.

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Technology Stack

We use technologies that enable us to achieve the best results.